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Double Medical Technology Became the Platinum Sponsor of the EOF

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Double Medical Technology and their Russian partner Group of Companies Zdorovye became the Platinum Sponsor of the Eurasian Orthopedic Forum. Dr. Lin, General Director and Founder of Double Medical Technology, tells about the company development and plans for Russia.

– Doctor Lin, what is the share of Double Medical's products for orthopedic traumatology and spinal surgery in the Chinese market? To what countries are the products exported?

– Our trauma products are No.1 in China among all domestic brands. Double Medical now exports products to over 40 countries, such as Russia, Australia Ukraine, Turkey, Korea.

– What is the principle by which Double Medical builds its product assortment? Which assortment positions are most in demand and why?

– Double Medical is aimed at the high-end markets, with a wish to build an excellent brand in the world. We try to follow the latest trends in orthopedics and traumatology. Our technical team always analyzes the reports from medical institutions and gets constant feedbacks from surgeons. Currently, our nailing system and transpedicular fixation system became our classics, receiving good reputation from surgeons from all countries.

– Does the demand for Double Medical's products vary in different countries? If so, what are the differences?

– Products are the same, but we try to meet the demand of every country in particular, especially when concerning sizes, doctors' habits.

– Could you please tell us about Double Medical's production site? Is it planned to expand production or localization in other countries?

– We have two production sites, located in Xiamen, South East of China, each area more than 60 000 m2, equipped with the most modern CNC machines and following international standards of quality. We are also considering localizing in other countries, to provide faster and secure service.

– Is Double Medical preparing to bring to the market any new products intended for traumatology, orthopedics, and spinal surgery?

– Yes, we have already launched new Marathon System – specially designed for ankle and foot fractures. Besides, we plan to start supplies of joint products to Russia including hip joint and knee joint.

– Will you tell us about the most interesting international projects for the delivery of Double Medical's products in Europe, America and Russia?

– The most interesting projects are in Russia, because we think orthopedic surgeons in Russia have excellent skills in operation. And also Russia and China has very good relationship both in economy and politics.

– Chinese products, including medical products, are deemed to have unstable quality in comparison with European and American counterparts. Is that true? Would your kindly substantiate your answer?

– It is true that in the past some Chinese products' quality was not stable. But this opinion is old-fashioned now; some excellent Chinese companies can provide high-quality products, much better than European or American. For example, Huawei now is the world top 500 enterprises, Huawei sells more good quality smart phones in China and other countries compared with Apple and other international brands. I think in Russia too, right? For our orthopaedic products, it is true that in the early stage, some customers couldn't trust us because we are a Chinese brand, but our products speak for themselves and our quality fully satisfies every doctor who tries it in operation.

– What is the difference between the Chinese school of traumatology and orthopedics and the European and American schools? What is peculiar about Chinese techniques of treating injuries and orthopedic disorders?

– Actually I think regarding the treatment concept and method, China is almost the same as Europe, USA or Russia. But in China, we have Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM in orthopaedic area stands for conservative treatment, it is not useful in operations. The conservative treatment of TCM is more like adjuvant therapy and in most cases we treat our patients according to international principles.

– Tell us about the experience of Double Medical in Russia. What have you managed to achieve over the past years?

– The company have entered Russia market almost 8 years ago and we always tried to provide a user-friendly experience to all Russian orthopedic surgeons, giving Russian patients a possibility to get best products with reasonable price.

– In what areas does Double Medical plan to expand cooperation with Russian doctors and medical institutions?

– DM is eager to cooperate with experienced Russian surgeons and medical institutions in order to develop new products together, specially designed for Russian market. Besides, localization is a good way to expand our cooperation.

– What is your interest about the Eurasian Orthopedic Forum?

– Double Medical wants to make friends with more orthopaedic surgeons, and we also hope to show everyone our new excellent products and instruments.

– What topics do you and your colleagues from Double Medical plan to discuss with Russian health professionals?

– This time Double Medical will send some engineers and technicians, we are happy to discuss product relevant questions with Russian health professionals - doctors, heads of medical institutions, representatives of industry departments. Upgrading the old products and creating something new in cooperation with Russia is one of our main goals.

– Tell us about yourself: how long have you been in orthopedic traumatology, in what areas do you specialize.

– I was an orthopaedic surgeon before, before specialization in China you need to be trained to conduct all types of operation, including trauma and joint replacement. But my specialization was arthroscopy.

– Why did you decide to set up Double Medical Company? Have your expectations for the company's establishment been met?

– I wanted to set up Double Medical because I found so many foreign brands selling their medical products in China extremely overpriced. So I wish to start our local brand in China that can provide everyone in this world a chance to use best products with affordable price. So far, my expectation is fully met, but still there is a lot more to do in the future.

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